1. DOH raises Dengue alert over rapid rise of cases  CNN Philippines
  2. Philippines Declares National Alert After 456 Die From Dengue Fever  NTD
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  1. Walking 8,900 steps a day protects against Alzheimer’s and preserves brain power, study claims  The Sun
  2. Study: 8900 steps could delay Alzheimer's  NEWS.com.au
  3. Higher levels of exercise prevents cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease: JAMA  Specialty Medical Dialogues
  4. Walking 8,900 steps a day could protect against Alzheimer’s, study suggests  Irish Examiner
  5. Alzheimer's Could Be Slowed by Fewer Than 9,000 Steps a Day, Shows Study Linking Exercise With the Disease  Newsweek
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  1. Wife says husband contracted flesh-eating bacteria kayaking on Tennessee River  NewsChannel 5
  2. Man facing death after contracting flesh-eating bacteria on kayaking trip  NEWS.com.au
  3. Man contracts flesh-eating disease after kayaking on Tennessee River, wife says  Boston 25 News
  4. Alabama father-of-eight is in the ICU with a flesh-eating infection after kayaking  Daily Mail
  5. Man 'fighting for his life' after contracting flesh-eating bacteria on kayaking trip  New York Post
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  1. Outbreak called as syphilis rates jump in Alberta  Edmonton Journal
  2. Health officials warn syphilis rates in Alberta highest since 1948  CityNews Calgary
  3. Alberta government declares syphilis outbreak  660 NEWS
  4. Worst since 1948: Edmonton the epicentre of syphilis outbreak declared in Alberta  Edmonton Journal
  5. Alberta declares syphilis outbreak in wake of high infection rates  Calgary Sun
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  1. Ontario preparing for 'very difficult' flu season  CBC News: The National
  2. Public Health preparing for a predicted 'very difficult' flu season  KitchenerToday.com
  3. Public Health Officials Are Preparing For An Extra Nasty Flu Season In Ontario This Year  Narcity
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  1. Milton woman shares story of battling flesh-eating infection  WEAR
  2. Flesh eating bacteria; What you need to know  News 19 WLTX
  3. Flesh-eating bacteria: At least two dead and more injured in US as waters warm  The Independent
  4. Texas man dies days after contracting flesh-eating bacteria during Fourth of July beach trip, wife says  Fox News
  5. Woman who survived flesh-eating disease: It looked like my leg 'was rotting off'  New York Post
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  1. Sleep quality and fatigue among women with premature ovarian insufficiency  News-Medical.net
  2. Women with POI face poor sleep, fatigue, Video Gallery  Business Standard
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  1. Advancements in Malaria Treatment in 2019  Interesting Engineering
  2. This show is really ‘Sick.’ If you’re concerned about your health, that’s why you should watch it.  Washington Post
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  1. NHS donor crisis saw blood supplies fall below minimum level every two weeks  Mirror Online
  2. Government set to offer guidance on daily recommended hours of sleep, say reports  The Independent
  3. Sleep guidance will advise at least seven hours' rest a night  The Telegraph
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  1. Women early risers may have lower breast cancer risk  Jordan Times
  2. Breast implant cancer victim believed she was to blame for her fatal disease  Stuff.co.nz
  3. 'Died of vanity': Julie's unwarranted shame over breast implant cancer  The Age
  4. After breast-feeding five babies I sought out breast implants - they gave me cancer  The Sydney Morning Herald
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  1. HIV Vaccine Trials Will Start In The US And Europe  Z6Mag
  2. Johnson & Johnson to start testing on new type of HIV vaccine in U.S. and Europe  New York Daily News
  3. HIV vaccine tested in US, Europe  SBS News
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  1. Mum's 'ghost family' helping her anorexia recovery after weight dropped to 5st  Mirror Online
  2. Mum says her new 'ghost family' is helping her recover from anorexia  Liverpool Echo
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'Cancer saved my life after I lost 9 stone and found the man of my dreams'  Mirror Online

EXCLUSIVE: Becki Nock shares her inspiring story of how her toughest ordeal turned her life around for the better.

  1. Cleveland Clinic releases fourth installment of Alzheimer's Disease Drug Pipeline Report  Medical Xpress
  2. Alzheimer's drug development: What's in the pipeline?  13 ON YOUR SIDE
  3. Cleveland health institutions receive $4.2 million for Alzheimer's research center  cleveland.com
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  1. Special Operations Command considers keto diet for SEALs  NEWSREP
  2. Going Keto? Here's The One Time Of Month Women Should Eat More Carbs  mindbodygreen.com
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  1. With Rural Health Care Stretched Thin, More Patients Turn To Telehealth  WPRL
  2. More Rural Patients Using Telehealth — If They Can Afford It : Shots - Health News  NPR
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  1. Combination of targeted therapies work in patients with bowel cancer  Medibulletin
  2. 3-drug Combo Improves Survival Period for Bowel Cancer Patients  News18
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  1. One in five patients in NHS hospitals has harmful drinking habit, study shows  The Independent
  2. New report reveals staggering cost to NHS of alcohol abuse  The Guardian
  3. Heavy drinkers are taking up one in five NHS hospital beds, study reveals  The Sun
  4. Alcohol abuse affects one in five UK inpatients, study suggests  BBC News
  5. One in ten patients in NHS hospitals is alcohol dependent, Kings College study finds  The Telegraph
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  1. Obesity Linked To Four Types Of Cancer More Than Smoking  Z6Mag
  2. Cancer warning as research finds obese people outnumber smokers by two-to-one  Huddersfield Examiner
  3. The one thing causing more Brummies to have cancer than smoking  Birmingham Live
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  1. Tasmanian woman contracts meningococcal disease  7NEWS
  2. Health alert: Woman in her 30s diagnosed with meningococcal disease  The Mercury
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  1. Researchers completely eliminate all traces of HIV from infected mice  News-Medical.net
  2. Researchers announce a breakthrough HIV cure in mice  CBS News
  3. Scientists cure mice of HIV for first time in groundbreaking study using CRISPR  RT
  4. "Game-changer": Nebraska Aids Project reacts to UNMC breakthrough research  KETV Omaha
  5. Researchers Closer To Finding HIV Cure As Scientists Eliminate Virus In Mice  CBS Philly
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