1. Tensions high in Baghdad as police fire tear gas, live bullets  Al Jazeera English
  2. Thousands of Iraqi Protesters March Amid Anti-US Sentiment  TIME
  3. French Christian charity says four employees missing in Baghdad  BBC News
  4. 12 dead, hundreds wounded as protesters clash with Iraq security forces  CNN
  5. Iraqi protester: 'We did not vote for Iranian gov't'  Al Jazeera English
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Death toll in Peru tanker explosion rises to 13: ministry  RFIView full coverage on Google News
  1. Western Region Rent Control Department records increase in cases  GhanaWeb
  2. Frederic Berman, Protector of Renters in New York, Dies at 92  The New York Times
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  1. What does Trump actually believe on climate change?  BBC News
  2. LA activist: 'Real climate solutions won't come out of Davos'  Aljazeera.com
  3. 'Who is She?' Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Questions Greta Thunberg's Expertise at Davos  TIME
  4. Ivanka Trump just wants Greta Thunberg to smile  The Independent
  5. The world is de-globalizing. Trump set the example.  The Washington Post
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  1. African foreign ministers meet in Algeria over Libya conflict  Al Jazeera America
  2. Libya conflict: Haftar forces threaten to target civilian planes  BBC News
  3. World Powers Pledged to Stop Interfering in Libya. Will They?  TIME
  4. Why peace initiatives in Libya are failing  Al Jazeera English
  5. Libya reopens Tripoli's Mitiga airport  Al Jazeera English
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  1. Nigerian mother of twins, triplets, reportedly welcomes another set of triplets (photos)  YEN.COM.GH
  2. Mother Of Twins & Triplets, Gives Birth To Another Set Of Triplets In Three Years  GH Gossip
  3. Lady Who Waited For 8 Years Before Giving Birth To Set Of Twins & Triplets Welcomes Another Set Of Triplets (photos)  GH Gossip
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  1. Philippines volcano: Evacuees return to collect belongings  Aljazeera.com
  2. Taal volcano eruption poses deadly dilemma for people living in its shadow  CNN
  3. Philippines: Taal volcano residents turn ash and plastic waste into bricks  The Indian Express
  4. Threat of 'explosive eruption' at Taal stalks Filipino evacuees  Al Jazeera English
  5. Philippines Taal Volcano has lost its Main Crater Lake  The Washington Post
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  1. World powers to meet in Berlin to discuss Libya crisis  Al Jazeera English
  2. Libya: blockade of oil ports threatens Berlin ceasefire plan  The Guardian
  3. As Libya Descends Into Chaos, Foreign Powers Look for a Way Out  The New York Times
  4. Turkey, Russia and the Libyan conundrum  Al Jazeera English
  5. Pro-Haftar forces 'block oil exports' from key Libya ports  Al Jazeera English
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Two months in a barrel: South African man set to break pole-sitting world record  The GuardianView full coverage on Google News
  1. Trump 'knew exactly what was going on' in Ukraine: Giuliani aide  Al Jazeera English
  2. Trump 'knew exactly what was going on', Giuliani aide claims  BBC News
  3. Parnas Says Trump Knew About Campaign to Pressure Ukraine  TIME
  4. Lev Parnas Speaks Out About What Trump Knew  The New York Times
  5. Lev Parnas describes multiple Ukraine quid pro quos  CNN
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  1. Warren accused Sanders of calling her a liar, recording shows  BBC News
  2. Exclusive: Warren accused Sanders in tense post-debate exchange of calling her a 'liar' on national TV  CNN
  3. Senators Have to Be in Washington During the Impeachment Trial. That's a Problem for the Ones Running for President  TIME
  4. It Matters That Elizabeth Warren Is a Woman. Why Do So Many on the Left Insist That It Doesn't?  TIME
  5. Why Questions on Women Candidates Strike a Nerve  The New York Times
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  1. Thousands rally in The Gambia for ex-leader Yahya Jammeh's return  Al Jazeera English
  2. Thousands in Gambia rally for ex-dictator's return  Eyewitness News
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Photos of Pretty Minister's Niece who Died after her Hubby Shot her Over 'Cheating' Pop up  YEN.COM.GHView full coverage on Google News
  1. Libya conflict: Warring sides meet in Moscow for talks  BBC News
  2. Heads of Libya's warring sides in Russia for talks  Al Jazeera English
  3. A look at the major players in Libya’s shape-shifting war  Washington Post
  4. Libya conflict: GNA and Gen Haftar's LNA ceasefire 'broken'  BBC News
  5. Libya talks in Moscow in diplomatic coup for Putin  The Guardian
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  1. New Boeing chief David Calhoun : 'I'm confident in the future'  BBC News
  2. Boeing’s new chief begins job as planemaker faces 737 Max fallout  The Guardian
  3. New Boeing CEO says company must do much better  CNN
  4. Plane crash victims’ families ‘sickened’ by fired Boeing CEO’s $62 million payout  The Washington Post
  5. Boeing Employees' Emails Show Culture Of "Arrogance", Fixation On Cost-Cutting  NDTV News
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  1. Boeing 737 Max Supplier Cuts Jobs as Fallout From Grounding Spreads  The New York Times
  2. Boeing's biggest supplier lays off 2,800 workers because of 737 Max production suspension  CNN
  3. "Designed By Clowns": Boeing Releases Internal Messages On 737 Max  NDTV News
  4. 'Clowns' and 'monkeys': New Boeing messages show 737 MAX concerns  Al Jazeera English
  5. ‘I Honestly Don’t Trust Many People at Boeing’: A Broken Culture Exposed  The New York Times
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  1. 'Designed by clowns': Boeing releases flood of troubling internal documents related to 737 Max  CNN
  2. Boeing U-turns on simulator training for pilots of crisis-hit 737 Max  Telegraph.co.uk
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  1. Prince Harry's wife Meghan returns to Canada amid royal storm  The Times of Israel
  2. Prince Harry and Meghan: Talks 'progressing well' over couple's future  BBC News
  3. Megxit and the Church: Harry and Meghan Reflect Our Lost Youth  ChristianityToday.com
  4. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Were Made Aware They're Not 'Really a Part' of Royals, Friend Claims  Sputnik International
  5. With Harry out, the royal family may have to change its ways  Aljazeera.com
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  1. Trump's impeachment trial team sees 'significant' executive privilege issues over potential Bolton testimony  CNN
  2. Pelosi says she will submit Trump impeachment articles to Senate  Al Jazeera English
  3. House Democrats Push Environmental Bills, but Victories Are Few  The New York Times
  4. So far, all impeachment has done is make Donald Trump more popular  The Guardian
  5. Lawyers debate: A presidential cover-up -- or a fair end to an unfair impeachment  CNN International
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  1. Sultan Qaboos of Oman, Arab world's longest-serving ruler, dies aged 79  BBC News
  2. Oman's Sultan Qaboos dies aged 79: State media  Al Jazeera English
  3. Oman names a new leader after the death of Sultan Qaboos bin Said  CNN
  4. Sultan of Oman dies and is succeeded by cousin  The Guardian
  5. Haitham bin Tariq sworn in as Oman's new sultan  Al Jazeera English
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  1. Taiwan election: Tsai Ing-wen wins second presidential term  BBC News
  2. President Tsai Ing-wen wins Taiwan election  Al Jazeera English
  3. Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen Wins Reelection With Record Support  TIME
  4. Taiwan’s Election is a Vote About China  The New York Times
  5. How China May Help Its Enemy Get Elected in Taiwan  The New York Times
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  1. The Soleimani Assassination | Start Here  Al Jazeera English
  2. Soleimani attack: What does international law say?  BBC News
  3. Soleimani: Stampede kills at least 35 mourners at commander's burial  Graphic Online
  4. US forces on high alert for possible Iranian drone attacks, and intelligence shows Iran moving military equipment  CNN
  5. Soleimani killing: Iran's Zarif vows response to US 'act of war'  News24
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  1. What's behind the Qassem Soleimani assassination? | Iran  Aljazeera.com
  2. Soleimani: Why huge crowds turned out for Iran commander's funeral  BBC News
  3. 56 Killed in Stampede at Iran Gen. Qasem Soleimani Funeral  TIME
  4. I was in Iraq during the assassination of General Soleimani. Trump has made a huge mistake  The Independent
  5. Trump may be in over his head with the Iran crisis – and he could pay for it at the ballot box  The Independent
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  1. Puerto Rico hit by 6.4-magnitude earthquake  BBC News
  2. Puerto Rico earthquake: At least 1 dead, island without power  Al Jazeera English
  3. 'It Felt Like The House Was Sinking.' 1 Person Dead After 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Puerto Rico  TIME
  4. Puerto Rico in state of emergency after most powerful quake in over 100 years  The Guardian
  5. More than 500 earthquakes have rattled the Puerto Rico region in 10 days. There may be more to come  CNN
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Experts separate conjoined twins after 13 hours of complex surgery  VanguardView full coverage on Google News
The evolving US justification for killing Iran's top general  CNNView full coverage on Google News
  1. Iran plane crash: Ukraine International Airline jet crashes killing 176  BBC News
  2. 'No survivors': Ukrainian jet crashes in Iran with 176 on board  Al Jazeera English
  3. Iranians, Canadians Among Dead in Ukraine 737 Crash Outside Tehran  TIME
  4. Iran plane crash: Two engineers among three British nationals killed  BBC News
  5. Ukrainian Boeing plane crashes in Iran shortly after takeoff, killing 176 on board  CNN
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US and Iran escalation questions answered: What can the world do?  BBC NewsView full coverage on Google News
  1. Retiring English Teacher fined for repeated park pooping  Myjoyonline.com
  2. Wisconsin Teacher Admits To Repeatedly Taking Dumps In Public Parks  HotNewHipHop
  3. Teacher defecating in park for two years caught  INQUIRER.net
  4. Wisconsin teacher admits to defecating in public park for two years  WKRG News 5
  5. Wisconsin teacher admits to pooping in public park for 2 years  New York Daily News
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  1. Japanese prosecutors condemn Carlos Ghosn’s escape  Financial Times
  2. Japan condemns 'unjustifiable' escape of Carlos Ghosn  Al Jazeera English
  3. Ghosn escape: Japan to tighten immigration rules  Economic Times
  4. Ghosn saga creates awkward questions for Japan  South China Morning Post
  5. Japan calls Ghosn's escape inexcusable and vows tighter immigration checks  Autoblog
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  1. Qasem Soleimani: Blasts hit Baghdad area as Iraqis mourn Iranian general  BBC News
  2. At Least 2 Rockets Hit Near US Embassy In Baghdad: Report  NDTV News
  3. Qasem Soleimani: Mourners flood the streets as body returns to Iran - BBC News  BBC News
  4. The Guardian view on Trump’s war: UK goes from poodle to lapdog?  The Guardian
  5. The Observer view on the assassination of Qassem Suleimani  The Guardian
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Court Orders Seizure Of Assets Belonging To Africa's Richest Woman  Peace FM OnlineView full coverage on Google News
  1. Libya conflict: Turkish MPs approve bill to send troops  BBC News
  2. Turkey's parliament approves military deployment to Libya  Al Jazeera English
  3. Libya to mobilize civilians after news of Turkish deployment  Washington Post
  4. Donald Trump Warns Turkey Against 'Interference' After Libya Vote  NDTV News
  5. Turkey's parliament votes on sending troops to Libya  Al Jazeera English
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  1. Pope Francis Apologizes For Slapping Woman's Hand  ET Canada
  2. Pope Francis smacks woman's hand to free himself from her grip  Myjoyonline.com
  3. VIDEO: Pope Francis apologises after slapping female worshipper who grabbed his hand  Graphic Online
  4. Violence is wrong – but does it really matter that the Pope slapped that woman’s hand away?  The Independent
  5. Pope Francis should channel Pope John Paul II’s forgiveness after Vatican slapping incident | Christine Flower  The Philadelphia Inquirer
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  1. France, Egypt urge restraint in Libya's proxy war  Modern Ghana
  2. Amid Turkey deployment bid, France, Egypt urge restraint in Libya  Al Jazeera English
  3. Libya conflict: Turkey troop deployment bill sent to MPs  BBC News
  4. Turkey seeks parliament approval to dispatch troops to Libya  Washington Post
  5. Arab League warns against 'foreign interference' in Libya  Al Jazeera English
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  1. Chelsea Star Tammy Abraham Joins In On 'Ghana vs Nigeria Jollof' Debate  GhanaWeb
  2. Chelsea Star Tammy Abraham Joins In On ‘Nigeria Jollof vs Ghana Jollof’ Debate  GhanaCrusader
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  1. Minister: Texas Gunman Grew Angry in Past Over Cash Requests  The New York Times
  2. Texas church shooting: Gunman killed by churchgoer named  BBC News
  3. Gunman kills two after opening fire at Texas church service  The Telegraph
  4. Texas shooting details supercharge NRA's 'good guy with a gun' defense  The Guardian
  5. "Over In 6 Second": Gun Laws Saved Lives At Texas Church, Says Donald Trump  NDTV News
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Libya militias rake in millions in European migration funds: AP  Al Jazeera EnglishView full coverage on Google News
France’s Eiffage buys Toulouse airport share from China’s Casil  Modern GhanaView full coverage on Google News
  1. How the siege of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad unfolded  Washington Post
  2. US Baghdad embassy attacked by protesters angry at air strikes  BBC News
  3. Protesters attack US embassy in Baghdad after airstrikes  CNN
  4. Attack on U.S. Embassy in Baghdad Demonstrates Tough Choices for President Trump  TIME
  5. ‘This is a threat’: Iran will pay heavy price for damage at US embassy in Baghdad, Trump says in furious New Year tweet  The Independent
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