1. Researchers find new way to store carbon dioxide absorbed by plants at the bottom of the Black Sea  ABC News
  2. MIT's Game-Changing Hack: Energy-Efficient CO2 Capture & Conversion  SciTechDaily
  3. New MIT tech could help the world’s biggest polluters clean up their emissions  Freethink
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The findings, based on a single electrochemical process, could help cut emissions from the hardest-to-decarbonize industries, such as steel and cement. In efforts to curb global greenhouse gas emissions around the world, scientists at MIT are focusing on carbon-capture technologies to decarbonize

MIT’s Game-Changing Hack: Energy-Efficient CO2 Capture & Conversion

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A Team Of Scientists At The University Of Houston (UH) Led By Mim Rahimi, Assistant Professor Of Environmental Engineering…

UH Researchers Developing Electrochemical Oceanic

Climate change is a serious concern that needs to be prioritized globally. Nations across the globe are drafting policies to reduce the impact of global warming and climate change. For instance, the European ...

Researchers use carbon capture and utilization technology to recycle industrial carbon dioxide

As researchers around the world race against time to develop new strategies and technologies to fight climate change, a team of scientists at the University of Houston is exploring one possible way to ...

Researchers are charting a sustainable course in oceanic carbon capture

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